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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 28, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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again, thanks for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly. always remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking at it. vi . welcome to "hannity." tonight we are looking at late breaking developments as we are a day closer to a potential show down with syria. a few hours ago, president obama sat down for an interview with pbs news hour and said he has not made a decision on syria. let's watch. >> again, i have not made a decision. i think it is important that if, in fact, we make a choice to have repercussions for the use of chemical weapons then the assad regime which is involved in a civil uh war, trying to protect itself, will have
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received a pretty strong signal that, in fact, it better not do it again. and that doesn't solve all the problems inside of syria. you know, it obviously doesn't end the death of innocent sieve yan -- civilians inside syria. we hope political transition can take place. we are prepared to work with anybody -- the russians and others -- to try to bring the parties together to resolve the conflict. but we want the assad regime to understand that by using chemical weapons on a large scale against their own people, against women, against infants, against children, that you are not only breaking international norms and standards of decency, but you are creating a situation where u.s. national interests are affected. that needs to stop. >> this news comes as the obama administration is accusing syria of, quote, hiding behind russia.
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according to the kremlin the presidents of russia and iran spoke by phone today. afterwards they announced opposition to a military strike in response to last week's chemical weapons attack. earlier our own state department responded. take a look. >> we have consistently said we support u.n. security council action. instead we see not just today not just last week but over the course of many months is the russians at every mop move doing things to fail to hold the syrian regime accountable. they have had three resolutions vetoed. they blocked many statements con oh democrating the syrian regime. we do not believe the regime should hide behind the fact that the russians continue to block action on syria at the u.n. >> also tonight house speaker john boehner sent a letter to the white house calling on the president to make the case to congress and the american people before carrying out any strike and breaking just a short time ago fox news can, in fact, confirm that the white house will brief key senate and house
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members on syrian intelligence tomorrow in washington. officials were expected to lay out plans for military action against the assad regime. the head of the meeting, it is important that lawmakers ask tough questions of the president. for example, both iran and syria will attack israel if the u.s. launches a military attack. if it happens, how will the administration respond? will they help our closest ally in the region? finally, what is the end game if assad's regime is toppled? is there a possibility al qaeda-related elements may, in fact, take charge of the country? president george w. bush was hounded by the press over these questions. if he had to answer, so should barack obama. here in stud quo is fox news channel's own colonel oliver north. his new book out in paperback today. >> it is a must read for barack obama. he needs to read this one. it's about a president who
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forgets about 9/11. guess what's three weeks away? >> my concern is, first of all, this has been going on for 30 months. 100,000 killed. >> over 100,000 dead. over 250,000 wounded. 2.3 million people in refugee camps along the turkish, syrian border. now flowing into iraq. it's an unmitigated disaster that the consequence of this administration's naive approach that all you need is an election in a country that's never had democratic traditions, no institutions and this so-called arab spring. every single country that's experienced this from tunisia in the west to syria in the east, people are worse off than they were before. that includes egypt, the most populous arab country. it's a disaster. >> they have telegraphed that it would be brief and limited. they have given the locations of the targets.
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what is the point of that? >> well, wall street journal today has an op-ed to all the various people. informed sources. all anonymous. look, this outfit leaks so bad they have to be wearing pampers. it is the worst example i have seen of this prior leak. in 1985 i was sent the to explain how we captured the cruise shape after the fact. i did it anonymously with "newsweek." by the way, they are gone. it was after the fact. how did we manage to capture them? what this administration has done is telegraphed every punch. obama is famous for shooting from the lip. they have been talking about this for four days. there is no history in the use of cruise missiles without a follow up. clinton did it. they will do it again. >> is this a therapeutic bombing
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so obama can check off, okay, i drew a red line in the sand. now i have to prove that i'm tough. >> again, shooting from the lip. he ad libbed it. got off prompter and ad libbed those words. now he'll punish assad because he violated the red line. finally. it's been going on -- >> 30 months. >> since the red line comment. the game changer and all that. that was a year ago. this is no the third time that we know of that they have used chemical weapons against their own people. this president has not got a transat zbi. if there is no follow up there won't ban outcome except greater jeopardy for the american people. when we bombed gadhafi he killed americans and it shut him down for over a year. this guy has allies like russia, like iran uh. they are capable of doing things to us that could be injurious
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not just to israel. >> they have said end cruise missiles, they have called up re serves. don't we owe it to them to take a deep breath? >> i wrote yesterday that there are four things this administration must do. number one, immediately increase the security at every u.s. embassy in the middle east and subsaharan africa. 9/11 is an anniversary they forget about last year with benghazi. it's just around the corner. they have to inform israel in advance. israel has not only called up reserves. they have issued gas masks to people. they have gone to post offices to pick them up. there ought to be an immediate finding delivered to the select committee on intelligence is a theys i am directing the cia to
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hire contractors to go into the camps in jordan, not turkey where they are controlled by the muslim brotherhood and re krut, train and field a covert action force of freedom fighters. real freedom fighters. not those send by erdogan or oh sent to iraq using roads and air bases built with american blood and treasure. what this group has done is a disaster for that part of the world and for us. >> the more secular pro american opposition forces in this 30-month period have evaporated. i don't see any good possible outcome here. either assad stays in power and he will continue doing what he's doing with no fear of repercussions. or isn't the more likely successor to him radical islamists with al qaeda ties? aren't they the strongest
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opposition force now? >> yes. the turkish government is now being run by the muslim brotherhood. what erdogan has done is allowed them to take over the army. there are opponents on our side. they are they are armed, trained and fielded. we can help them. it won't be over in a minute. the worst possible outcome is you have another radical islamic regime. >> in other words this will do more harm than good. is there any possible good outcome here? if the president lobs missiles, limited, two dais probably. they have all telegraphed it. is there any good possible outcome? >> no. it's not a strategy. if they have justified this based on the fact the syrians have and used chemical weapons what happens when we learned the
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iranians have a nuclear weapon? are they going to fire more cruise missiles at tehran? this is a cycle started by this administration for wurn purpose only. cruise missiles are good for one thing -- setting the pace for shock and awe for a real campaign that will continue. number two, making a weak president feel powerful. that's what bill clinton did. that's what barack obama is doing. >> good book. heroes proved. >> he won't meet read barbara tuckman. he ought to read this. >> you're a hero. >> appreciate it. >> up next tonight on "hannity." >> the president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million people unless we are attacked or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked. if he does, if he does, i would move to impeach him. >> really? that was senator biden speaking
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out in 2007 about iran. but does the vice president still feel that way when it comes to syria? we'll check in with michelle malkin live after the break to expose the glaring hypocrisy. we have three options for video of the day. the winner runs in its entirety at the end of the show. vote at crazy uncle joe biden's 2016 campaign tour. >> let me introduce to you the next president, the next vice president of the united states of america. joe biden. nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar
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it's not like bikers love their bikes more than life itself. i doubt anyone will even notice. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. aarrggh! welcome back. as the world waits to see if the white house will launch a military strike against syria without congressional approval tonight the words of obama officials are coming back to haunt them. here's one example in 2007. then senator obama told the "boston globe" in a question and answer session, quote, the president doesn't have the power under the constitution to authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. i can't wait to see how team obama tries to spin those comments. now to help explain that and more, syndicated columnist, author, good friend michelle
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malkin. good to see you. >> glad to be back, sean. thank you. >> before you respond to that, i want two other administration oh officials starting with crazy uncle joe. here's joe biden in 2007. >> i was chairman of the judiciary committee for 17 years as its ranking member. i teach separation of powers in constitutional law. this is something i know. i got together and brought a group of constitutional scholars together to write a piece i will deliver to the united states senate pointing out the president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million people unless we are attacked or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked. if he does, i would move to impeach him. the house obviously has to do that. i would lead an effort to impeach him. the reason for doing that -- i don't say i it lightly. i don't say it lightly. i say it because they should understand what they were threatening, what they were saying, what was adding up to be
9:17 pm
what looked like to the world what we were about to do would be the most disaster the rous thing that could be done at this moment in our historic think of. >> michelle, one last one. we'll go to john kerry. asked by tim russert. do you believe that the president should get authorization from congress to em bark on a military campaign against iraq? his answer, absolutely. your reaction? >> well, let's take a moment to inhale the fumes of tashke arbitrariness of these people who under the bush administration had spittle and fleck and foam at the mouth talking about the need for congressional approval and the articulating, as joe biden did
9:18 pm
in his rant what they consider the right standard for any kind of military intervention. that's out the window, of course. there was a wonderful moment on twitter yesterday when lots of observers on the left, right and center were naming this new war of obamas. my favorites were operation enduring confusion and operation that was then, this is now. >> we all see over 100,000 people have been killed now. >> wrae. >> this is the most recent example, the use of chemical weapons. >> yeah. >> you have hundreds of thousands of refugees, as colonel north said. if there was any possibility of a positive outcome in any way then if it was in america's long-term interest you can't make the argument here. >> yeah. >> there is no opposition. there is no upside. there is no democracy that will follow here.
9:19 pm
you've got two radical groups killing each other in a civil war that we have no business being involved in, michelle. >> you hit the nail on the head, sean. our national security is paramount. when you ask a question, are we going to be better off after this intervention, who is going to be the replacement? are the people of syria going to be better off? obama needs to answer the question. now he's so flipant, arrogant and contempt wous of the need for public accountability not only had there been noises they didn't need congressional approval but they are sitting at the idea that they need to have international consensus on this. it's stunning when you think of just several years ago when these same people were bemoaning george w. bush as this cowboy who was going out there wrecking the reputation of america and we
9:20 pm
needed a reset button on that. now we don't need international approval whatsoever. wow. >> on the u.n. side they dmapded it for george w. bush. on the congressional approval side they all demanded it. joe biden went so far as to say it is impeachable if a president does this. >> yeah. did they have a change of heart? is this to save the president's ego? what is the outcome here? what is the purpose? >> yes. they are feckless politicians, rootless. it remains as olly north said and you have said, we are coming up on the 12th anniversary of oh 9/11 and the one-year anniversary of benghazi. our uh american families who lost the lives of their loved ones in that awful terrorist
9:21 pm
attack still don't have justice. the idea that this intervention in syria might aid and abet the same sharia terrorists who were sponsoring violence against american citizens should gall every single american. if this goes down, it's not the right and it's not conservatives or republicans who are going to perpetuate the biggest backlash. hopefully it is principles, anti-war leftists that give obama the saying to. >> getting rid of saddam hussein was a good thing. the country seemingly we learned once it politicizes a war we do not have the stomach and ability to follow through to completion. we need to learn from that. a two-day bombing campaign is meaningless. all right, michelle. good to see you. thank you. >> you bet.
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take care. >> canuckup next, the march on washington. mr. king's "i have a dream" speech. his niece joins dr. benjamin carson next with more. this should be a day that unites the country. some on the left want us aid about the tea party. some say it's a resurrection of the confederacy. first select the video of the day. option two will h make baseball fans smile. the longest homerun of the 2013 season. t vote ott or on twitter [ male announcer ] come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back to "hannity." on this day 50 years ago 250,000 people gathered to march on washington for racial equality. on that day dr. martin luther king, jr., stoddard on the steps of the lincoln memorial to deliver his famous "i have a dream" speech. earlier president obama, our first black president, spoke on the same steps. joining us now, dr. king's niece. she is also the director of
9:27 pm
african-american outreach for peace for life and a professor at johns hopkins. fox news contributor himself dr. john carson. good to see you. >> hello. >> nice to see you. >> you wrote a column, "mlk would be alarmed by black on black violence, lack of family values." where are we 50 years later? >> you know, i i uh think he would be pleased with some of the positions that blacks achieved. no one raises their eyebrows now when they see a black ceo or airline captain. or a college president. maybe the president of the united states. so those are tremendous strides that have been made. but the problem is when you look in the black community you see 73% of babies born out of wedlock. tremendous black-on-black crime. more black males involved in the
9:28 pm
penal system than ever. dropout rates that are tremendous. that's alarming. dr. king and many others put their lives on the line to open doors of opportunity. particularly the doors of education. you almost have to drag some people through them. we really need to put emphasis on a different place. that doesn't mean there aren't problems out there. but we have the mechanism to take care of problems. you can wallow in problems or you can buck up and say, i'm going to deal with this. >> actually, the president -- i thought he gave a good speech today. i'm not a fan of oh his in any way. he talked about the magnitude of progress and not to ak knowledge that is to dishonor all of those who fought. they really fought and put their live uh lives on the line. i didn't like multiple rechbss made to trayvon martin.
9:29 pm
dr. dr. king's daughter comparing florida to syria. comparing the supreme court to the kkk. what was your reaction? >> hello, sean, dr. carson. i was listening to dr. carson and you as well. i listened to almost all of them including the president. what i brought away from that was something martin, iii, said. my cousin martin and my cousin berniece, ceo of the king center. they talked about unifying. about coming together. it's causes that divide us. it's christ's love for me that unites us. we have differing opinions and viewpoints. if we cannot learn to live together as brothers and sisters, we'll perish as fools. whatever our differences happen to be, we have to approach that in the manner that martin luther
9:30 pm
king, jr., taught 50 years ago. we walked away from the spiritual formula. that's missing along with the other concerns dr. carson mention ed. >> the president came into office five years ago, hope, change, excitement, a nation energized. great ex peck tagss, if you will. if you look at statistic i don't think he's done a good job for most americans. specifically, is black america better off with him having been president under his policies? forget issues of oh color. >> i don't think any part of america is better off. you look at the numbers of jobs lost. it's labor participation rates we should look at, not the monthly job numbers. those are easy to manipulate. people are dropping out.
9:31 pm
we created a system where it's easier to sit at home and be dependent than to go get a minimum wage job. they get more money sitting at home. honestly, i don't blame them. you know, for thinking that way. they need to think long-term. if you're in the job market you are acquiring and maintaining skills, being exposed to opportunities. you have an opportunity to move up. i think that's what's missing. we used to have a dream of -- this aspiration to move upward. now people are satisfied to maintain. >> one thing the president did say that dr. king would have liked obama care. you knew him. where was he politically? >> i knew my uncle well. my daddy, his brother, they trained me in the civil rights movement. i marched and went to jail.
9:32 pm
as they marched in 163, my mother with them, where our home was bombed. president kennedy died that year. the girls in the church. that was all happening. but decent jobs and better education are things we would like to see. all americans and all people deserve health care. however, martin luther king now has a granddaughter. i don't think giving her free contraceptives and free access to abortion helps her get a job, house or better education. >> thank you for being with us. coming up, a neverending river of nauseating rhetoric flowing from the left as the nation stops to remember the march on washington. reverend jesse jackson compares tea party members to the civil war era. left wing radical ed schultz puts up a poll asking if conservatives are the new confederates. when we return, our friends from
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welcome back. as the nation remembers the 50th anniversary of the march on washington today, some liberals are choosing to commemorate the historic day with insensitive and divisive rhetoric. first jesse jackson who compared the tea party movement to racists from the civil uh war era saying, quote, the tea party is the resurrection of the confederacy. it's the fort sumter pea party. and liberal lunatic et ed schultz asked viewers are conservative it is new confederates? unbelievable. moving on, another liberal nbc
9:38 pm
news host had this to say about republicans and race. >> in a previous year the name chris lane would reseed into the background quickly. now in the post trayvon days the right has a vile new tactic to thrust his name and that of delbert belton to thrust his name into the media to make a point. >> your point is, it's not important? here with reaction are the co-hosts of the five. good to see you. >> the king of irresponsible rhetoric. >> exactly. you're in trouble again. >> no. not in trouble. >> again. >> i'm here as the stand-up liberal doll you punch by coming up with quotes saying, now, bob, what do you think of that? you're an honest man. do you agree? they're your friends. tell me what you think. >> good imitation. >> hey, bob. what do you think? they're your friends, bob. >> yes, bob. tell us. >> i would say, once again being
9:39 pm
on the show i love with a host i love that i'm once again put on the defensive. i will say this. i think the rhetoric makes no sense. i think jackson should not refer to the tea party that way. i will say this. the tea party supported candidates not in the interest of the black community. >> who? >> a lot of right wingers in the house. >> who? >> i could start -- i mean -- >> start. give me three names. >> louis gomer or whatever. >> one of my best friends. >> that doesn't surprise me . >> what's wrong with him? >> he gets off to the right sometimes. i don't hang around with right-wingers like you do. >> you're insinuating they are racists. >> i didn't say that. i said they weren't as supportive of race causes. don't set me up. now i'll get mail saying you called them racists. i didn't say that. >> well, you implied it, bob. that's the problem. louis gomer is not a racist. why are you shaking your head?
9:40 pm
>> i can't believe i'm being set up. >> you could look at a number of democratic politicians and civil rights leaders. they are not exactly advocating on be half of the black community. where is the congressional black caucus standing up against the immigration bill? >> good point. >> where are they on obamacare? the audacity for the president to say if dr. king were aware he would love obamacare. how does he know? in fact, african-americans are losing their jobs, if they have jobs. unemployment is 12%, because of obamacare. because they are relegated to part-time work. it's the not ep heing the black community. >> here's the question -- >> i think you're talking about a reach. that's a reach. >> they roll over every time. it's not right. black leaders and jesse jackson is doing the black community, think, a disservice. >> here is a question. obama is in his fifth year. you criticized me for being critical of the president. is black america better off having had barack obama and his policies in place for five years? >> yes.
9:41 pm
>> the statisticses -- unquestionab unquestionably. >> unemployment -- >> it's bad for every demographic group. blacks have lost jobs for obamacare is ridiculous. >> we have fewer blacks working than when he became president. black teenage unemployment at nearly 50%. nearly double the number of people on food stamps in this country and more people in poverty. >> we have had a terrible recession he inherited from another administration. >> blaming bush. >> why not? >> it's lame at this point. >> all day long all you heard was political rhetoric. where were the conservatives? in fairness, the speech martin luther king gave and the issues they had to deal with back then were awful. i told you on "the five" today my blood boils when i hear how blacks were treated this in country. what makes me angry today is that you don't see leaders from both sides of the aisle, because conservatives aren't invited to
9:42 pm
a rally like that, to talk about solutions. all we heard is here are the problems. stop and frisk. here are the problems. trayvon martin. they didn't tackle the real cries i sis in the black community which is also a crisis in the white community. that's a break down of the family. >> the idea of trying to say what king would think about today is ridiculous. the times and situation he was in in 1963 is far different than it would have been today. the other thing is you both know my dad worked with drchl king for a lot of years and was arrested a number of times. my father, were he alive today, would say we have made progress but not the all consuming progress we need in the black community. and i think it is fair to say -- and i have said before that we liberals create ed programs that made dependent people in the black community. we were wrong to do it. i have yet to hear a republican proposal that's going to help deal with black problems. >> i have answers. >> if we start becoming energy independent, it helps us on a
9:43 pm
variety of fronts. we could have low unemployment. >> what would you do. >> you have to pay attention. unemployment in north dakota. if we open up america's gas, oil, shell and those unleash that power that we have -- we lessen our dependency on foreign oil. it's good for foreign policy and job creation for americans. >> what's the percentage of blacks in north dakota? >> if we did it in ohio, detroit, pennsylvania. >> they're doing it in texas. >> it would create jobs. so many opportunities for all americans. there is your answer. >> i want to add one point. i lived in atlanta. the day i arrived in atlanta, my first day on the air i got a call from maynar, d jackson. i got to know andrew young, josea williams.
9:44 pm
martin luther king's driver. i got to know these guys. what they did many the face of such hostility is an amazing profile in courage. what they did made this country better. >> absolutely. >> the president gave a good speech today, bob. one of the best speeches i have heard him give. >> talk about entitlements. unfortunately president obama has only expanded entitlements to make whites, blacks, hispanics more dependent. it's not helping anybody. you and i know more could be done in washington, d.c. it's cultural. when you have a president who is -- i know you don't like him. i don't like what he does. h's a good father, appearingly a good husband. there are no sex scandals. he's there for his kids. his pants are pulled up. he speaks gramattic -- correctly. now i made an error. alveda king said he is a perfect opportunity to do something. as a good man. >> he's married to rigid
9:45 pm
ideology and shows no inclination to go against it. >> he should have used the opportunity to talk about black unemployment. again, every time i hear republicans criticized. >> i said he gave a good speech. >> dealing with black teenage unemployment. >> i'm giving you the answer. unleash the energy -- literally under our feet. >> it's not going to help. >> listen, i have interviewed the former ceo of shell oil. we have more energy, more natural gas, more oil shale -- excuse me -- than saudi arabia and the middle east combined. that will unleash economic prosperity, job creation the likes of which -- >> you want an energy discussion? >> i have to break. >> okay. >> it goes to the family. >> i believe that, too. up next here tonight on "hannity". >> someone's going to die. a woman will be raped in a field somewhere in america today.
9:46 pm
she has no rights in this country. >> top democratic in the house is accusing republicans of facilitating rape and murder for opposing amnesty. are there no limits to tlang "wall street journal" of the left? a heated hannity debate .
9:47 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." if you thought the left's rhetoric about republicans, quote, throwing granny over the cliff or dirty air or water was bad, think again. congressman luis hand, a life because an employer will put them in harm's way. someone will die. there is a woman that will be raped in a field. somewhere in america today. she has no right in this country and we need to end that. >> if she has no rights in this country, we need to end that. >> here with reaction, fox news contributor democratic strategist and the author of the
9:51 pm
best seller, back lash. author and fox news contributor in her own right. are you going to defend that? >> i'm going to say i understand his frustration. i think the day is really a day for americans to -- >> we've been talking about. are you going to defend this? >> you don't even know what i was going to say. >> you did not answer my question. >> i said i understand his frustration. >> is that not incendiary and untrue? >> understandable and the rhetoric of washington. there are people talking about impeaching the president of the united states for no discernible reason. so in that environment, people are saying toxic thing on both sides. >> today people are talking about aspirations and dream and his morning moments in america, it is a day for american unity and people are trivializing it by talking about incendiary comments. who made the comments today? >> i'm a conservative. you know what? just because you disagree with amnesty does not make you a sport of rape and murder which
9:52 pm
is what this guy is claiming. >> this is what the left does when they don't have the facts and the figures to put on the table to have an earnest, honest discussion about the issues affecting our country. they use scare tactics, these smear tactics. it happens all the time. >> your book started out with this. back lash. you say google my name and what will show up. >> yes. at the time there were all kinds of thing that would show up. some name i can't mention on your program. and i'm not even telling people what to do. i'm promoting liberty, empowerment. that's die when on a daily basis. for anyone to come out against me because provide motor liberty is just weak. >> let me ask this question through prism of the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. he talks about he envisions a day. judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. do you think he would be proud
9:53 pm
of this rhetoric by luis goo gutierrez? >> no. i think that incendiary rhetoric on both sides, he would be diminished by. but i think he would understand it the same way with je helms said unflattering thing about him the day after made his speech. theres no statue in washington to jesse helms as there probably won't be for luis gutierrez. they're in the moment. what we're talking about is bigger than this moment. >> this is very divisive. this is message that commands the media headlines, the attention when individuals like this guy make these comments. it is very divisive and it is not helping our country. not helping our employment. not they know job situation. you talked about energy on a lot of the topics here on the program. what are you doing to put ideas and solutions on the table? >> i want he have american to have ajob. >> absolutely. >> we were talking about black unemployment, teenage unemployment. when kids can't get jobs, what is the likelihood.
9:54 pm
you're a pastor. isn't the chances greater that those kids aren't working, don't have a summer job? where are they likely to be? on the streets work their friends. >> i would go a step further. i'm saying when fathers don't marry mothers, their chances their kids being one of those kids increases. it is not just government. churches have a responsibility. families have a responsibility. so we ought not to always petition government to seek grievances with the government. >> 100%. if families and fathers and mothers and churches, if they take their responsibility seriously, we're probably not going to need government like we think we do. >> it is all about accountability. the government won't be the there for you. the government can barely do what government is supposed to do. it is not the government's role to take kaifr people. >> i hate when i disagree jacque. we agree more than we had. coming up, we'll reveal what you have closen as the individual yost day.
9:55 pm
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welcome back. times will reveal what you chose as the video of the day. you selected the new political ad that warns everyone to get ready for the joe biden 2016 kickoff tour as he begins to lay the groundwork for a possible run for the white house. run, joe, run. >> let me introduce to you the next president, the next vice president of the united states of america -- joe biden! >> starting up pretty early.
10:00 pm
that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren is standing by. this is a fox news alert. at this hour american warships are closing in on syria. they are ready to strike if president obama decides to pull the trigger. does he first have to get approval, though, from congress? he certainly thought so when he was a u.s. senator. flashback to 2007. >> george bush and dick cheney must hear loud and clear from the american people and the congress, you do not have our support and you do not have our authorization to launch another war. >> i want to make it clear. i want to make it clear to the president. if he takes this nation to war in iran, without congressional approval, i will make